Welcome to Shinobugaoka Elementary school. This school has a hounding history of 144

years and is blessed with Educational Environment. We are focused on learning and

enhancing Educational Activities through Traditional Culture and international

understanding of the students. We are proud of Uenofs Cultural Heritage and its

surrounding nature. They are the schoolfs major teaching material. We explore the

study of English Vocabulary in the Computer Lab(EikenJr.) We have strong ties with

the University of Tokyo and learning Marine Education.

Please come to our school. We look forward to your visit.

 Shinobugaoka Learning Campus   
 @쉶  ATokyo Metropolitan     Art Museum  BInternational Library of   Children's Literature  CTokyo National  Museum
 DNezu Shrine     ENational Museum of  Nature and Science
 FUeno Zoo  GThe National Museum  of Western Art
 HThe University of Tokyo  IShitamachi Museum
 JYokoyama Taikan  Memorial Hall  KKyu-Iwasaki-tei Garden LShinobazu Pond MTokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall